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Recovered commodity prices balanced against a reduction in major crop area enabled market growth of 1.3% in 2018

Regional Splits

In 2018 the seed market recovered in all regions except Europe, with growth in The Americas above the 5-year average


Seeds and Traits
2018 ($m) 17,355
Growth 2018/2017 (%) +2.3

The world's number one country market remains USA,
which grows 2.5% to $14,401 million USD.
Even though the major crop area is down slightly,
the market benefitted from recovered commodity
price which in turn helped drive up the seed price.

Latin America

Seeds and Traits
2018 ($m) 8,331
Growth 2018/2017 (%) +4.1

Latin America is one of the fastest growing
seed markets with 4.1% growth in value.
Argentina led the pack in Latin American,
mainly due to a 16% surge in maize acreage.

Middle East & Africa

Seeds and Traits
2018 ($m) 1,185
Growth 2018/2017 (%) +3.8

Asia Pacific

Seeds and Traits
2018 ($m) 8,873
Growth 2018/2017 (%) +1.8


Seeds and Traits
2018 ($m) 5,927
Growth 2018/2017 (%) -5.8

GM Crop Market Value by Crop

With 100-fold growth since 1996, GM crops now cover 188 Million Hectares

Crop Splits for GM & Conventional Seed Market

Maize continues to dominate the market with a 42.5% market share

Major companies sales Seed and Traits 2018

Syngenta’s seed business grew by 13.3%, in part due to expansion in digital