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Welcome to Shorehop Education

Delivering quality business education which is fit for purpose

Shorehop was established in 2019 for the purpose of delivering high quality business learning with an emphasis on business language, theory, and exam writing skills. Shorehop Education is specifically tailored to assist students whose first language isn’t English, but is equally suitable for UK nationals preparing for GCSE, AS or A-level exams. We cater mainly for international students seeking to improve both their command of business English and their knowledge of theory, to better prepare them for the demands of an undergraduate course and for a future career in business and management.

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‘Delivering quality business education which is fit for purpose’

Why choose us

Skill and Experience

Undertaking a full A-level or GCSE course is a considerable investment of time and effort for students to achieve positive outcomes.


The most productive and stimulating environments are with small classes not exceeding 10 students. Should you opt to join a Shorehop class, you can enjoy the benefits that come with small class size.

Our Goal

Whilst our goal is always to engage students with a stimulating online learning experience, we also provide the support and tools to become both active and independent learners.

Excellent Value

These points combined ensure that students get excellent value for money.